Rehearsal STUDIO

Room Profile

Monthly Block Rehearsals Available for 15-25% Discount
4-Hour Block Session: N12000
Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM: N3500/hr
Monday-Friday After 6PM: N4000/hr
Saturday: N4000/hr
Hourly Rates (Minimum of 2 hours)
Guitar Amps:
Fender Champion 100  2x12 Guitar Combo

Bass Rig:
Ampeg BA115V2 1x15 Bass Combo Amplifier 

  • Pearl VBL Vision Birch 5 Piece Drum
  • Sabian B8 Cymbal Set
  • Pearl Demon Drive Kick Drum Pedal
Yamaha PSR S670 Arranger Keyboard

  • Allen and Heath MixWizard 3 16 Channel Mixer
  • JBL EON 515XT 15" PA Speakers(2)
  • 3 Shure SM58 Microphones (more at extra charge)


Normally we are open 8am – 6pm (except Sundays) but we also have concierge service and if you let us know ahead of time, we’ll give you custom service.


Superior Sound. Unbeatable Acoustics
Our fully equipped rooms give our clients the best sound experience possible.


Our room is open for workshop / meeting / networking event / photo shoot / video production etc.


Checking your mails and staying in touch on your social media platforms won’t  be a worry as we’ll provide you with a free internet access.


Q. How do I schedule rehearsal time?

A. Simply Call, send SMS or E-mail us with the time you’d like to schedule. We're always available to schedule a rehearsal or a tour of our facility.

Q. Am I allowed to use all the equipment in the room?

A. Yes! Save your gear for gigging! Please feel free to utilize all the gear in your rehearsal room. All the equipment is included in your room rate.

Q. Can I rent your space for something other than rehearsal?

A. You think our space is awesome and would like to rent it for a workshop/meeting/networking event/photo shoot/video production etc. YES! We'd love to have you and will do our best to accomodate your event.

Q. Is it OK to eat and drink in the studio?

A. Eating is not allowed in the studio. However, beverages are allowed inside the studio. We just ask that you do not keep your drinks on top of the amps and equipment.

Q. What if something breaks?

A. We understand that certain gear can break under normal circumstances. If something in room breaks or you are having trouble with any piece of equipment just let us know. We will replace it right away so you can continue your session and get back to whats important-making music.

Q. Do I have to make an appointment or are walk ins accepted?

A. We welcome walk-ins but it will cost you more. Its always better to call ahead of time to make sure we are there to assist you. Appointments can usually be made only 1 hour in advance.

Q. What are the hours of operation?

A. HMRS is available by appointment 8am - 6pm Monday through Saturday.

Q. Can I bring my own gear?

A. You are free to bring in any gear you’d like. We want you to have the best possible rehearsal session. Please note that setup of your personal gear is during your booking time.

Q. Is recording available?

A. There are many possible ways to record a session at HMRS. For an added fee we can bring more microphones into the room and produce demo tracks using our post production software. You are also free to bring your own recording devices into any of our room and record yourself. All of our rooms have mixing boards with multiple outputs available to connect to computers, phones, etc.

Q. Do you offer discounts?

A. We do! We offer day rates for weekdays before 4pm. Monthly block out sessions at 15 - 25% off. We also can work with you if you are renting the space to teach music lessons, working with students.


Feel free to call us on 0909 997 7112, 0909 997 7113 or mail us

4, kadiri Street off Ajayi Road, Ogba, Lagos State